clean eating recipe: stuffed acorn squash

last new years i had THE BEST acorn squash filled with a sweet soup, it was so delicious that it intimidated me to cook with acorn squash, even though it was so so good! 
this week, i have been doing a 15 day cleanse eating only fruits and vegetables and saw this recipe and had to try it.
and let me just tell you, clean eating is not for sissies!  it is MUCH easier to make box food, clean up too.  sometimes i think it taste just as good too --- kidding.  we have a tiny kitchen and it seems like making one clean meal creates the biggest mess ever, thankfully i have a husband who will clean the kitchen.  and i can make. a mess.

acorn squash with stuffed portabella mushrooms and onions
makes two.
preheat the oven to 450.
total prep time 45 minutes.

cut the top off of your acorn squash and clean guts/seed out. discard.
brush with olive oil.
roast in preheated oven cut sides down for 30 minutes.

while the squash is roasting:
combine two garlic cloves, half of a small onion, and saute for five minutes or so.
combine cut up portabella mushroom
saute for ten more minutes, or until you think it's ready.

take squash out of the oven, flip.
split onion, mushroom mixture and fill each acorn squash
put back in the oven for ten more minutes

take out.
looks at the disaster your kitchen is...
shake your head,
wipe your brow,
put on a pretty plate,
take a picture and put on instagram,
{add salt, pepper and cayenne pepper to taste}

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