record store day!

it's like christmas only better.


you've never heard of it?

yeah, me neither.

then i married brad.

let me tell you a little bit about records, or long play albums, or LP's --- all the same.  
see how educated i have become?  

first of all, they {records} are still around.
nashville happens to have a few really great record stores, grimeys being our favorite.  once a year, labels release certain albums (literal records like your daddy used to have, not compact disc) on this day that everyone wants.  this year brad had five albums he wanted and got everything but one.  the one he didn't get, there were only eight copies available at our nashville store.  

and since we got in line at 6:30 am instead of 6:30 pm the night before, well.

did you catch that?  yep, folks start lining up the night before to get music.  this year we got in line a little before 7 am with a hot coffee in each hand, fully charged cell phones and each other.  and about five hundred of our other best friends while we waited for the clock to chime ten am.

it is a fun day.  once you get in the store, it's organized chaos and you get and grab whatever you are looking for as quick as possible and then get in line to pay as quick as possible.  at least i think that is what we do.  maybe brad is browsing and this is all conjured up in my head.  

either way, it's a fun day.
i like to think of it as the opening to festival season and being outside for good music.
and who doesn't love a pretty day and some good tunes?

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Lisa said...

I remember you blogging about this last year and thinking it looked like such fun. I really need to do this next year.

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