recap of the week on morrison lane.

+ + + monday, after all the sadness in boston, i found this picture on pinterest of boston all lit up.  what a wonderful reminder than in the darkest moments a light still shines.

+ + + i wrote about hope in dark times.  {and i have hope}

+ + + then there was our new york trip recap, the memory of spending the night in the airport might be one of my favorites yet.

+ + + then i had a run-on blog about my dad,, gardening and juicing for 15 days. four things that make me happy.  i haven't actually started the juice cleanse though.  get back with me on that.

+ + + friday, i showed you snippets into my instagram account.  it's always a good time over there, wanna join me? you can find my feed at morrisonlane.

boston and west, texas --- you're still in our prayers and on our hearts.

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