canoe come out and play with me?

ready for a knock knock joke?  yes? okay.
me:  knock knock?
you:  who's there?
me:  canoe.
you:  canoe who?
me:  canoe come out and play with me?
i think my mom told me this joke every week when i was little and i thought it was awesome everytime.   i still think it is pretty awesome today...if you are five...............or thirty-seven.
the knock knock joke is as far as i ever got with the whole canoe part.  i had never ever been on a canoe until sunday.  truth be told i was a little trepidatious, i always get all nerved out the first time i do something.  like need to know all about it, every detail.  and i lived to tell you that this girl might just be a canoe addict.  i was thinking it was going to be an awesome arm workout and i would be like "oh my arms are sore in a good way because i am a canoe master..." but i think i picked up the paddle maybe twice?  and those two times were because it was in my way of my tanning.  the bragging rights i really left with were more like, "man, look at this sunburn on my legs..." (and i apologize in advance for all the toes, legs and water shots.  so overdone, i know i know i know... but that's at the beach.  what the world needs is more river water, canoes and toes, legs in the river water...let's just be honest.)
it was a good day floating down that river.  i could so get used to that.
although next time i totally am going to have to rig a way to lay on my stomach because this whole lobster red look on the front and white as a sheet on the back [side of me] - is not attractive.

if you haven't ever been canoeing, you should go.
if you have, go again!

if you are in the nashville, franklin, cool springs area, here's where we went. they were super nice and good people.  go see them.

oh, and how was your memorial day weekend? i've been thinking it's the first week of june all weekend, so confused.

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