dear you,


first off, i wanted to say happy memorial day to you.  today's challenge in the blog every day in may was to write a letter to your readers, so today you get a letter.  really, that just means jenni is much more creative than me, because honestly i should have said "thanks" a long time ago.

i like to write my letters very informally.  i am sure this comes as a shock to you since normally i am so formal (read sarcasm).  i just got home from the gym where i was running, errr trying to run, and thinking about you, and what i should say to you.

honestly, it's just a big ole thank you.  i started this blog as a kind of weight loss journal and then it became so much more.  an outlet, something where i could write out my days, thoughts and feelings. and funny enough, you started to read those thoughts, look at those pictures and we became friends.

this blog has taken me from single to engaged to married to married two years to loss to THE BEST dog ownership.  often the stories involve lil bit and her brothers, often they are just stories.  sometimes advice, sometimes recipes...i have just become a one stop shop.  really, i should wear the shirt that the red headed guy from the movie notting hill wore "get it here" because that's what i have become (again, i am being sarcastic here).

but seriously!  thank you for reading.  i don't focus on the numbers, but every day someone and even if its just you, reads this blog.  sometimes when i write i cry, sometimes when i write i crack myself up, sometimes i hit 'publish' waaaaaay before i should...but i am thankful.

thankful to have a computer, with internet that i can sit in my lap when i feel like i have something to say.  and because of this little thing, i have met you.  we are friends now.  and i appreciate you.  

hope you are having a good good day.  that you aren't working and doing exactly what you want to do, and that you are happy and smiling.

well, i should go.  i just cut brad's hair and i have hair all over me and probably should have showered before i wrote you, but whatevs.

talk to ya later,

p.s. have you seen hangover 3?  dude, it's actually really good.  you should go see it.  hilarious.  and whatever you do, don't forget your junior mints.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your thank you letter! I have been reading your blog for about 2 years now mainly because I am a nosy person, but also because I love what you have to say. So keep writing. People are reading.
Also, thank you for the glorious video you posted yesterday. That hands down the best part of my weekend. :)
God bless!

jessica dukes said...

oh gosh! well, you are awesome. thank you.

nosy, what??? me too! we have that in common, thanks for being nosy and reading my blog. :-)

Amanda said...

I love Junior Mints! My movie candy of choice, though, are Sour Patch Kids. Yum!

jessica dukes said...

yum! i like to trick myself into thinking Jr. mints are semi not bad for you. hahahaha sour patch kids, YUM!

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