salvation + strawberry shortcakes.

today is that last day of the blog every day in may challenge.  and boy am i going tho miss this, okay, that's a lie.  today's prompt was a vivid memory. 

one of my first vivid memories was:  i was seven years old. we had guest for dinner life we did often and they had a little girl who i was playing my strawberry shortcakes with, i had them all...the gazebo, all the little dolls, everything.  my new friend and myself were having a great time and then she asked me if she could have my dolls, because i am ME...and i would give you the shirt off my back literally (this can be a negative trait too, guys.) i said, "sure" and we loaded up the entire collection, gazebo and all and took them to her car so she wouldn't forget them when they left.

long story short [not really]: after they left, my mom asked me to go and pick up the things we had gotten out because it was time for bed and my reply was, "i don't have anything out i gave them all to [friend]."  needless to say this little selfless girls mama was not very pleased because even though she had learned how to love from her mothers example her mama still liked collecting toys, dolls, you name it.  and lets be honest, you shouldn't just give loots of things away when you are seven without consulting a parent.

so what's a seven year old to do to save her a little trouble?  oh that's right!  start crying and then telling her parents that she doesn't think that jesus lives in her heart!  well, it worked.  my parents were so excited that on my terms i was ready to ask jesus to live in my heart that we prayed that night together on december seventeenth and i asked jesus to come and live in my heart.

i went to bed with a heart full of jesus and the strawberry shortcakes were never mentioned again.
here's some fun photos from my week last week.  i am morrisonlane on instagram if you want to follow all the fun times on there.  i've been posting lots of red face post workout looks too, just keepin' it real - and be honest with know you do not want to miss those...
hope everyone has a wonderful friday and an even better weekend!  i hope to feel a lot like little sass-o'-frass in the corner over there - all.  weekend.  long.

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Seoul Sold said...

I haven't thought about Strawberry Shortcakes in FOREVER!!!! I laughed reading that you gave them away, but then had a coming to Jesus moment at the same time. Good stuff.

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