in a day and time when too many are referred to as legends, monday night brad and i were able to witness a living legend sing from the center stage at the ryman auditorium. ushered onto stage, my mind immediately began to wonder how feeble rodriguez really was...until the spotlights shown down and he started to sing. 
there he was. sugarman in the flesh, clad in leather pants and all black topped with a black hat covering  his long black hair. he sang and moved just how you would imagine a seventy year old rock star would and immediately you could not help but wonder how he must be feeling, finally be touring and letting the world hear his songs live surrounded by an audience.

it was a longtime coming for this sugarman and i was just happy to be one in a crowded room of fans watching his every move and listening to every inflection. 

keep rocking, sugarman. you make detroit look good. 

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