todays challenge was 'a favorite picture of yourself.'

this one was easy, not so much because i looked awesome and hot but because of the memory it represents:  but isn't that with all pictures?
the memory:  we were leaving our wedding heading to the hotel (well...) and then later headed to hawaii. i can not tell you the emotion i was feeling in this picture.  oh wait, i can.  pure elation, happiness and i can not believe this is me.  it was a moment i will never ever forget.  the best moment by far in my entire life to date.

and that guys hand i was holding.  hot. and mine.

and the amount of tan on my body.  lets not talk about that.

dreams.  they really do come true.


casey ann said...

SO TAN!! and this is pure HAPPY. I so agree, memories are the thing that make the picture :) what a wonderful memory!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

SOLD. You sold me. I don't know on what...but if you were selling me something, I would have bought it.

Maybe it was true love. Yeah, that's it :)

jessica dukes said...

twiggy! love. ain't it grand!

jessica dukes said...

it was pure happy. what a wonderful day!

tricia said...

Awwww, LOVE this. :)

jessica dukes said...

thanks, tricia!

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