trapper keeper with a side of panties.

unfortunately, when i read what day 10 of the challenge was..."tell us an embarrassing moment" - immediately my MOST embarrassing moment came to mind.  not that i walk around embarrassing myself, and really, i can not really think of any other moments, and i am confident there have been plenty.

oh oh oh, i just thought of another one! 
shall we dive right in?

so, i was in fifth grade, pretty sure i was eleven years old, maybe twelve.  i attended a christian school where you had to wear dresses/skirts below your knees everyday.

i had spent the night with my brother and sister in law the previous night and when i was getting ready realized i forgot my underwear.

underwear.  can you say underwear on blogspot?  is there a bleep button on this thing?

underwear, i forgot the second pair if i am honest.  you see, one of my moms thing growing up was...she would always put panties on top of my tights because that would keep them from sagging in the crotch when i was little.  got it?  one pair of panties because...panties are required.  and then tights, another pair of panties.  for no reason, other than keeping your tights up.
and. it. works. dot. com. 
don't. make. fun. dot com.

and you're laughing right now because that is a crazy idea you are thinking.  well, i carried this into my adult life.  don't judge.  with the advancements of tights i don't feel the need to double up on the panties now, maybe the tights are better maybe i am just low on underwear, the verdicts still out.

panties.  it's just what i call them.  i want to be all PC and write underwear, but it's just not me.

so, i was at my big brothers house, getting ready for school. and realized i didn't have that crucial second pair.  i decided the only way to solve this problem was wear my sister-in-laws on the top layer.  makes sense.  simple enough.

after all, i was eleven and she was an ADULT.  clearly there panties were way to big.  but try telling that to an eleven year old that always wears panties over her tights and without that second pair.
this is where being a rule follower gets you sometimes folks, panty dilemmas.

panties, tights, panties, ready for school.

grab the trapper keeper and i am out the door.

as i walk in my fifth grade classroom that morning, i hear one of my friends say, "jessica!!!" and then pointing to the floor between my legs.  i look down with a room full of my classmates and then and there were my panties around my ankles.

i looked down without missing a beat, grabbed those things and stuck them in my trapper keeper.
and that's where they stayed for the rest of the day.

now, i have had another embarrassing moments.  writing panties like 400 times in one blog post.


Alyx said...

Bahahaha!! Oh my gosh, that's great! And ya know, I never in a million years would think of using an extra pair of panties to keep up my tights. It's actually sort of smart... Until something like this happens. :)

jessica dukes said...

dude. it totally works! :-)

until this happens...yes!

Amanda said...

Ha! When I was a freshman in high school, I came out of the bathroom with a maxi pad wrapper in my hair.

jessica dukes said...

thats awesome, amanda!

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