a pink balloon.

day 9 - todays prompt is 'A moment in your day (this can be just a photo or both a photo and words)'

last week, brad lost someone that was dear in his life and he had made a huge impact in who he is today.  i talk to sister a lot about real stuff.  about life.  of course, i use three year old terms, but she gets it...in those three year old terms. i had told her that mr. brads friend mr. steve went to heaven.  

that same day we had went to red robin to eat.  she asks to go daily, we try and go once per week after ballet.  it's our routine.  sister and myself love us a good routine.  todays balloon was pink.  the deal is...if you use nice manners and are a good girl you can ask nicely for a balloon at the end of our meal.  i'm always teaching.  poor child never gets a break.

pink balloon.  she had waited.

the entire ride home, she had talked to her balloon, we had played with it.  i had swatted it from the front to the back...then without missing a beat as soon as she got out of the car she said, "caca.  i want to send my balloon to mr. brads friend mr. steve in heaven.  i think he is sitting by god and it'll make him happy."

and without missing a beat, but not before i was like "WAIT WAIT WAIT!" because i wanted to capture the moment, i said, "okay, if you are sure."

she was sure.
then we watched that pick balloon go until we couldn't see it anymore.  
and we went in the house to have a nap.

out of the mouth of babes.


Betty Taylor said...

Beautiful story! Children are amazing. Why can't we hold on to that as we grow up?


jessica dukes said...

i completely agree betty!

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