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for forever, i bought workout clothes at target.  you know, workout clothes = black loose fitting yoga pants and a tshirt that i have had for forever.  workout clothes, right?

wrong for years and years and years.

[i believe] working out consistently and getting into a routine of working out is as much a mind game as a physical game.  and looking the part completely messes with your mind, it also makes you feel cute and put together and who doesn't want to work out when you have an awesome outfit that is all cute and put together?  [this is the part where you raise your hand]

honestly, my boss gave me a gift card to lululemon LAST february for my birthday, this birthday because i was afraid of looking cute, [or maybe i didn't think i could fit into lululemon] i still had not spent it.  so she bought me some pants in exchange for the gift card.  sometimes i am complicated like that.  and they FIT.  and were awesome!  fit with room and were long enough {i'm 5'10"} and i loved them so much, i bought another pair of fitted capri pants from them.  which i love as well.

but those pants together were nearly $200.00 which makes me cringe just a little a lot.  but i loved how i felt in them.  i felt so put together and just like i was a real life workout girl.  you know that feeling? i'm learning it.

sure, i was still rocking my bubba gump t-shirt from hawaii circa 2000, but it was a small step in the right direction.  for my brain, and my body.

then one day, i stumbled upon old navys workout clothes and thought "man, i need to try these pants!  they were on sale for $15.00 and that is a price i can wrap my head around.  so i ordered a few pair...and i LOVED THEM.

loved them.

six pair deep.  i love them.

i even have shirts to match now.  well, not exactly match.  i'm not a huge fan of matching, but shall we say "go together, coordinate?" - you name it, i am decked out daily in my old navy attire.  sports bra, shirt and the capri leggins.

yesterday, i ordered two more pair.  they were on sale for $15.00 and then an extra 20% off, i mean, YOU CAN NOT beat that price people, and they are awesome.

i have only ordered/worn the compression capri and full length pants.
here's some pictures of some other goodness i own.  dude.

i said ALL OF THAT TO SAY...up the ante on the workout attire.  trust me you'll be glad you did.  and i am pretty pretty confident you workout harder when you are wearing cute workout attire.
can i get an amen?

this was not a paid post, all these opinions are my own.  although, wouldn't it be awesome if it was a paid post?  because i totally just did old navy workout attire proud.

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