my little tattletale.

every morning when i get to work, i do my rounds. i am a little bit (hush, brad!) OCD and have my routine. i go from room to room and make sure they are all tidy, and if not tidy them up before i really do anything. everyday. i usually land in the kitchen, every morning i say to lil bit who often is hand in hand with me on this adventure, "lil bit, go check your brothers room. see if they made their beds." in a voice that says we know they in fact did not.  when in all honestly, 9 times out of 10 they do make their beds.  but since she is three she looks for every opportunity for the brudders to disappoint.

and if they did [in fact, forget to make their beds] she comes back to the stair landing overlooking the kitchen and throws those hands on her hips and says, "caca!  dey did NOT make deer beds! can you believe dat?"

and then i say, "whhhaaaaat?" for the dramatic effect, of course.

then she grabs my hand and we have to run to their room only to witness the disappointment of the brudders.

she lives for these moments.

so what are you doing at 8 am every morning?

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