eight is great!

the little fellas turned eight last week and when i think back to how i have known them since they were one, it's kinda crazy.  we've come a long way, babies.  when i first started occasionally sitting for them, they were so little and had just started walking.  and they would SCREAM the entire time i was there until FINALLY it was bedtime.  honestly, it was a little intimidating since i AM the baby whisperer and just naturally good with the little ones that they would cry and cry when i was there.  it was a downward spiral, one would stop, the other would stop.  then they would look up at me with those big eyes like, "crap!  she's still here..."  and they would start screaming again.  the ONLY thing that even settled them a little was bubbles outside, mickey mouse clubhouse and baths.  needless to say, there were many nights i gave them hour baths while acting like mickey mouse and blowing bubbles.  i finally won them over.  and a looooong time later, here we are.

just the other day, one of them said to me, "ms. j...when you have babies you are going to be a really good mom, because we are HARD."  

i know kid.  i know.  oh, and thanks for the practice.
here are some pictures from their 8th birthday.  i had my lens that i just don't love on my camera that day, so excuse the imperfections galore.

what can i say, sister likes to dance.

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Amanda said...

Oh my Lord, that last picture!

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