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if you are just now running (i crack myself up!) into this blog today, you may want to start here and here first, because you may be like "ugh, girl is blogging about socks..." 

now that you have read the previous posts (you have, right?), let us carry on with socks.  random:  i love pens and pencils and the entire art of writing, like using pens and pencils, i have always loved them, i have a collection under my bed of some i may never open.  some that i use all the time.  love them.  i kinda feel the same passion about socks as i do pens and pencils.  i feel like they are they are the secret ingredient between a good workout and a bad one.  socks.

and not just any socks.  BALEGA SOCKS.  if you are a fan, you get it.  if you have never heard of that funny word, then run to your nearest running store and try a pair on, they are like a treat for your feet and you may never want to take them off.

my friend sarah introduced me to them when i was training hard a few years ago and i was like honestly, socks...what is the big deal?  walgreens has socks.  socks are socks.  then i remember my shoe guy slipping that bad boy balega sock on my foot and saying "you are never going to want to take this off..." and i was still like "okay, another crazed sock person." and then he put it on and BAM.

that's a true story, by the way.  exactly how it happened.

i read an article once by ali vincent, the winner of the the biggest loser a few seasons ago, and in the interview she said her favorite workout tool was socks.  i completely agree.  when you workout with a good sock on your foot in your shoe, you are not going to get blisters and your feet are going to thank you.  with the impact you put on your feet working out, having a good shoe and sock are my two favorite components of a workout.

go get a good sock.  if you take me sock shopping with you, i am going to CLEARLY point you in the balega sock direction.  so that's that.

some other good socks out there that deserve an honorable mention are swiftwick and asics.  these two are my replacement socks on days my balega ones are dirty.

which is NEVER.

let's go sock shopping!  shall we?

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