iworkout: the beginning.

i've been going back and forth in my head (and trust me, poor poor head) about writing a series/information about working out.  exercise.
tips about...
workout clothes

the list goes on and on...

you see, i feel like i have much knowledge in these areas.  and although i do not always listen to my own advise and have been on the quest for the perfect body for twenty years now...in the past few years though, and especially this year i feel like i have tapped into something new that i would love to share.

so because this is my blog, and also because they are just helpful tips...what i would do...i think i will.  i never want to sound like a know it all (on here...i mean, with brad...maybe...KIDDING!).

so consider this your warning.  for the next few blogs they will be centered around how to meet those fitness goals you have for yourself.  and as i write to you, i am also writing to me.

so, thanks for reading.
now.  go lace up those sneakers.

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