iworkout: shoes

let us start from the bottom up, shall we?

clearly if you are starting a workout program, you want good shoes.  the best shoes for YOU.  the best shoes for you MAY NOT be the coolest sneakers at the store that YOU LOVE.  they may be the ugly plain ones, but fit your foot like a glove.  trust me, i am the girl with the ugly plain ones.

true story: a few years ago i trained for a half marathon and was wanting some fun colored tennis shoes to run those 13.1 miles in nashville, tennessee. i like my shoes kinda crazy, i mean might as well have rainbow colored tennis shoes if you can, right? well, when i went to get fitted for shoes, NOT ONE of the pair that my eyes liked were good for my foot. NOT ONE. i left the store with white tennis shoes, white laces and a little blue on the side. BOR. ING. and they fit my foot like a glove.  DARN IT.

that was years ago. i have had three pair of those exact shoes since. they are boring. but they work for my foot the very best.

FITTED: what did you say?  fitted?  
can't i just buy a pair of sneakers i just really like? i mean, they are all pretty much the same right?

get your foot fitted to the shoe. less chance of injury. less chance of chin splints and the like.  

find the closest fleet feet in your area. everyone that works there has knowledge about the foot and will go from videoing your stride to taking you outside and watching you walk/run to see what your foot does. then they find the shoe that you need. my left foot, for example, turns in so i need a shoe with a substantial sole and more of a foundation on the insides of my foot to keep my left foot from turning in when i workout. I ALWAYS want whatever shoe is neon and the loudest at the store, and like i said - i always leave with nothing i would ever pick. womp womp. but when i am working out and my feet and legs feel great, i kinda want to hug those boring things.

also, did you know your feet really swell when you run/walk/workout? i normally wear a women size 9.5 or 10. usually they fit me for a 11-11.5 MENS running shoes. i mean, honestly? swallow your pride that you may be petite, girl, and just run to the closest rack of cool socks.  

no, really.

always, to make myself feel better for having to get a big ole man shoe, i just buy some great fun girly NEON socks to go with those boring shoes.

the shoes at fleet feet are not higher priced and you get more for your money with their expertise in knowing feet. and if you have any trouble with the shoes, you can return them, no questions asked. i got a wonky shoe a few years ago, just something wasn't right about the shoe. took them back, no receipt and they switched it out, no problem at all.

which ONLY MEANT, since i was there i had to just get more new socks...

this post was not sponsored in any way by fleet feet and is soley (pun intended) my opinion.  also, the picture of the adidas shoes up above are not the boring shoes i was referring to - i just pulled the picture from pinterest.

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