safety first: music festivals

hey happy campers!

no need to beat a dead horse (that saying sounds a lot better said not but those that follow this space or remotely keep up with me, know that last weekend we were at bonnaroo music and art festival.  we camped the four days we were there and enjoyed the lovely ninety degree humid tennessee weather.

camped:  meaning we pulled our six collective cars together in the middle of our cars created a huge camping site.  

and EVERY DAY as we were walking to and from centeroo (where all the fun was to be had) i would say ten times to brad, "i swear, i can not believe they have their car running!"  every day as we were walking to and from centeroo cars would be started and the exhaust would be running right into a pretty closed in tent area.  all the while people just hanging out in the tent.  HELLO DANGEROUS.

if that is you or has ever been you DO NOT DO THAT.  that is so dangerous, even deadly, guys.

think it through.  exhaust running straight into a small tent.  NO.

and for those of you that are like me thinking, "i can not believe anyone would do that!"  yeah, i would have thought that too.  it's a problem,  there should be a rule.  like a rule that you have to leave/get kicked out if you do this.  it's scary to me.  there were over 80,000 people that attended this festival, most all of them campers and any given day just walking in my row of tents and campers to and from the stages, i would see upwards of ten cars AT THE LEAST running exhaust into their tent.

so i wrote all that to say:  if you ever camp at a music festival KEEP YOUR CAR OFF if it is running into your tent.  


i have never used this many 'caps lock' in my entire life. 
this post was exhausting to write.
exhausting?  exhaust....DON'T DO IT.

love this happy camper who is a little exhausted because of all of the exhaust,


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