bonnaroo or bust!

my hair styles at bonnaroo can explain our time there.  

thursday = clean
friday = little dirty, hippie headband
saturday = hat
sunday = fuuuugetaboutbeingcool, slicked back pony tail

we really had a blast at bonnaroo, even though i went in as a sceptic.  i told everyone who asked about it, "well, it's only an hour from home so if i hate it, i'll leave."  i was a little worried previous to bonnaroo that i would infact be leaving early, but i made it.  and it was fun!  for real fun.

well, it was fun until sunday afternoon at 3 pm when i hit a wall and was over the dirt and hippies and announced, "i have to go to the car.  you have fun, stay as long as you want.  i have a book to read, i am really fine and happy.  but i have to go to the car."  and i happily strolled to the car, immediately cleaned my legs, feet and face, turned the AC on high and read and was alone.  it was awesome.
seriously though, after rounds and rounds of some of the best musical acts out there, hello paul mccartney, the national and glen hansard, to name a few...and then more, it was something i would for sure do again.  

the success of my bonnaroo experience lies solely on the guys that we camped with, they were old pros at camping at bonnaroo {this was brad's 9th year!} and knew how to set up our camping space, complete with a portable grill, stove and shower.  we had comfortable chairs and plenty of yummy food and plenty of people to talk about...hello people watching mecha!  the boys really came through with knowing how to set up the perfect camp.  it was always comfortable and cool.  even when the temps outside were in the high 80's and full sun.  

what i learned from bonnaroo:  portapotties are my friend.  before bonnaroo, i refused to go in those things, but after being forced to use them for four days straight, you realize that you are just thankful to have  a potty.  and because of those potties, i bet i could beat anyone that asked at a i-can-hold-my-breath-longer-than-you contest.  also, most all of our campfire chatter involved "would you rather...and one of the options always involved the contents of the portapotty.  because, let's be honest, anything involving poop is a good would you rather option.  

bonnaroo.  you should go. 
because where else is it okay to wear tie die every day of the week?

have you been to bonnaroo?  thoughts?
love it?
hate it?


victoria said...

I loved following along on your Bonnaroo adventure. I've been several years, and it's one of my very favorite things to do. I'm glad you enjoyed it and had fun!

jessica dukes said...

thanks victoria! it was FUN! i was pleasantly surprised!

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