a series of unfortunate events.

we didn't have working plumbing the end of last week for three days.  and a mess downstairs because the plumbing decided to get clogged.  a mess.  the one you never ever want to clean up.  yeah, that one.
the plumber could not fix it until the rain stopped, and for three days it rained non-stop.  so for three days we couldn't shower or flush.  thankfully, we stayed away from home one night, but the other nights we just grinned and beared it...and quick fast and in a hurry went to target if the need arose.  

target.  always saves the day.

right about the time the plumbing was fixed, i was taking peggy for a walk.  and noticed a dead carcass of something that i didn't want to look too closely on our very front lawn, closer to the house.  because i had thrown the broom and dustpan away earlier in the week because it was time, seeing that i had to use those things to clean the mess downstairs, we had to use the only dustpan we had left to clean the yuck out of the front yard.  wait, brad cleaned it...i just shut my eyes and yelled out the door directions while i gagged.  

while he was cleaning that, i was inside making a let's celebrate we can potty and shower all weekend! dinner, and as i was reaching in the refrigerator i knocked over the jar of pickles spilling the pickle juice over every inch of the 'frig and floor.  not awesome.


brad outside cleaning...gaaagggg...me inside cleaning up pickle juice.  right about the time i put the towel in the sink for the final rinse, everything in the kitchen turned off.  stove, microwave, you name it.  everything.  

luckily that was just a breaker.  and fixed in a hurry.

wake up the next day, head outside to go meet a friend and brad says, "jessica...jessica..." looking at something as he is getting in the car.  because i am a wimp i just knew it was another dead animal he was staring at...but nope, it was my tire.  completely flat.

other than that, the weekend was great.  how about you?

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