eggs and bunnies

just in case you ever need to know.  (i am here to help!)  if you are at the beach at or around easter, the easter bunny might make an appearance.  who knew?  this past week, my bff's and myself went to the beach.  and that darn cotton tail came and went and left thirty six colorful eggs.  (i hear he always leaves eggs by the dozens.  oh wait.  i think that is just how target sells them...)
and then...  the suspense, is it killin' ya?  myself and little bit just happen to go down to the pool area 20 minutes after her mom and bess went down...and there were eggs a plenty and a cool yellow bucket to find them in...  easter bunnies...they are so sneaky.
what is it about the hunt that makes you rush?   she was the only one looking for eggs, and she was on it!
me, on the other hand.  i kept getting distracted by these flowers.  the yellow and the green together, just screamed, "please take a picture of me and place me on your blog."  i listened.  
my dearest easter bunny,
all i asked for was one cadberry egg.  one.  i got nothing.  i even went to buy myself one today and they were all gone.  i know you are not santa claus, but i had been real good.  (i thought.)   one egg.  why is that too much to ask?  please do not let me down next year.  i believe in you.
yours truly,         
cocky wocky       

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