ruby reds

when at the beach, you must eat seafood.  lots and lots.  we were told we had to get some ruby reds...they were the best and biggest shrimp ever.  so we got some ruby reds.  and i think they might be the biggest and best ever.  they were boiled, head, eyes and all...and then...there you have it.  they were delic!  my friend, bess, she was not so impressed.  she was absolutely disgusted.  so the the rest of us passed hers around, she left the table hungry.  
here i am making that bad boy eatable.  and putting the uneatable in the bucket.  (i have orange nails.  you like them?  orange, reminds me of the sun and summer...and i was trying the will that darn sun to come out.  the sun missed the memo,)
and those black things...ugh...yeah.  you guessed it.  gross, but once you got rid of all the excess, they were good!  not gonna lie..they were a lot of work!  maybe next time, i will stick with mahimahi

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