look at that face.

this face makes me melt.  melt, i tell ya.  
seconds after i took this picture...ahhhhhh....
...i fell in the exact pool drainage thingy that i had been warning his brother and sister to "be careful and watch out for this, i do not want you to trip!"  i am soooo annoying sometimes.  we were at the kiddie pool, his brother and sister were swimming closely by in the shallow end of the big pool.  i fell in the drain.  and got stuck.  my foot was completely twisted and not good.  i could not get my foot out, but had to remain completely calm as to not stress this sweetness out.  so with my foot extremely twisted and stuck...i calmly, being the professional caregiver that i am, yelled for his siblings to get out of the big pool (since i could no longer see them since i was lodged in the drain, let's not forget) and come to the baby pool and play until i figure out what to do.  
finally a lifeguard came over and we twisted and played with my foot until we could get the darn thing out of the drain.  there was blood, band aids and bruising.  and i did it all with a calm, smiling face so i would not scare the kids.  and can i just tell you, man...it hurt.  and boy did i look and feel stupid.  other than a severe limp for a few days, i was fine.
oooooh, and the fact that we were at kiawah island and you bike everywhere there, including the pool that day, with three children riding in the cart pulled and steered by yours truly made the ride home a little difficult.  okay, a lot difficult.
but i got this picture, so it was worth it.  i would get my foot lodged in a drain with blood, band aids and bruising all over again...just for this face.  

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