as difficult as it seemed to get home sunday when things didn't go our way; things really did go our way.  yes, we were stranded in jackson tennessee.  without a home.  without our family.

what we experienced was nothing compared to what some tennesseans are still going through today.  we were stranded with a working car, gas in the tank, enough money for a hotel and food.  although we were not sure if the house was safe; we were sure we had family who were safe and who we could have went to in need.

we were not stranded.

incredibly blessed is what we were and are.  we escaped something that would have been so much worse.  looking around yesterday as i drove around nashville, it is sad.  it is overwhelming that when we left on saturday morning it was raining HARD, but by saturday night tragedy had struck.

although it was inconvenient and more than frustrating to be displaced because things went different than we had panned; we had no problems.  we were safe.  we were not alone.  we are blessed.

please pray for nashville and the surrounding areas and to donate $10 to the american red cross, please text 90999 to 'red cross.'

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