sunday continues...

boy did it.  we headed home via i40 about three in the afternoon, by six that evening we were doing a bunch of this
good thing we had cell phones - because we ran out of things to talk about at mile marker 161.  then my phone stopped working so i had to take pictures and entertain myself.  because he kept on using his cellular.

good thing this guy decided to wash his windows, because this thoroughly entertained me for
about five minutes.  i really wanted to ask if i could borrow the windex, i could have washed THE ENTIRE CAR with all the time we had.  i resisted.  i didn't want to embarrass myself.

we became intimate...with the tail lights of this car.  we are friends now.  after three hours or so of not moving but for every thirty minutes, we decided we needed to turn around because we were clearly spending the night on I40.
we turned around and headed to the closest exit.  bucksnort.  the trooper put us back on the interstate.  so we headed to the next exit where there were six hotels.  the police put us back on the interstate.  so we headed to jackson.
ate at IHOP at 11 pm and found this place with the help of our sweet friend pam, who looked up the address and phone number and sent it my way.

after a night in jackson, we woke up bright and early perplexed by our sit-e-a tion.  so we had lunch and drove around and looked at each other debating our options.  after three thousand and one phone calls and many suggestions.  we decided to go for it.

after a few back roads and reroutes with in the first ten miles, we heard that I40 was open again, so we took our chances.
so we made it home in no time flat.
and boy was it nice to be home.
with no damage to the house.

blessed.  we are.

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