sunday funday.

sunday when we awoke after staying in the land of elvis - we checked the weather and saw some pictures from nashville and after numerous texts with family and friends decided we should just press on and finish our touristy stroll through memphis...(so shoot me.  maybe not the smartest decision, but there was not a rain drop in site).

so we started our search for elvis via sun studio
he wasn't there - so we pressed on and went to picadilly's.  he wasn't there either.  then we went to his home, knocked on the door and this is what we found:
elvis was not home sunday.  rude, i know.  he had lots of guest but he was not there.  he had lef tthe building.

(these photos were all taken with my iphone.  because you can be sneaky that way)

after graceland - we headed home.


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