my weekend (and monday) part 1

the weekend started off like any other, but turned into something else quickly (if you live in nashville or the surrounding areas). myself and my compadre were headed to memphis saturday morning for the beale street music festival;
as we were leaving it was raining, but rain...what's a little rain...afterall, we were going to see jerry lee lewis, michael mcdonald and hall and oates...we would endure the rain.
at some point the interstate started flooding, but we pressed on and figured it would stop soon...
then we saw this
and decided it was a good thing that we took my SUV and not his car (because clearly these two SUV's faired well)...

we got to memphis after six hours and one very long alphabet game.  i'm telling you a J and Z are not easy to come by on the stretch of I40 between nashville and memphis...(we didn't see JayZ either, by the way...)  

we saw jerry lee lewis perform, michael mcdonald and hall and oates...err...for one and a half songs until the sirens started sounding and we immediately had to evacuate the park because of a tornado.

and that was the easy part of the trip.  sunday and monday were yet to come.

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C H A R L E S said...

Wow, it kinda looks like he's seeing the double r diner explode! :)
anyway, awesome photos, as always, jessica. looks like y'all averted all types of s**t.

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