the family wash.

when i first moved to east nashville, i told myself it was temporary.  that i would not like it, but make the most of it.  i was a little aggravated with my previous living situation and was desperate to find something cheaper and something fast.

then my mom performed her minnie pearl act at the ryman.
which meant i saw my cousins wife that i never see except for christmas.
and i then i happened to have an extra ticket to a show that i was going to that night.
so i invited her.
so we chatted the night away and she spent the night.
in our chatter, she just happened to mention that she is related to dolly.
as in parton. (enter jessica freak out.)
and i temporarily freaked out and asked her like thirty times if she was sure.
she was sure.
then i deemed her the coolest person alive and my favorite relative.
but she is really not even related.
still, she is my favorite.
then she mentioned that her BFF had a house in east nashville.
i got scared.
because i lived in belle meade, and i was scared of the east side.
and i was attached to my house.
and i hate change.
but i was desperate.
so we called her, her BFF.
a month later, myself and my stuff moved to east nashville.
and i made a home.
my home.

occasionally, well every week, my new roommate...we'll call her steph...would come downstairs and ask me if i would like to go to the family wash for pint and pie night.

1.  i had never heard of the family wash.
2.  i really didn't understand the concept of pint and pie, but did not want to tell her that i was that uncool.
3.  it's east nashville, i am a west sider, i am not going to like this place.  much less go out and contribute.
4.  i do not drink the al-key-hawl so there really is no need to participate in pint and pie night.
5.  what IS pint and pie?
6.  like apple pie?

fast forward a few months later.

i am now a happy resident of east nashville.
i enjoy this place a lot.
the family wash, especially.

and on tuesdays now, braddstudios and i go to the wash (that's what you call it if you live on the east side and are cool...)
here is what we get:
Baked Brie
with jalapeno cranberry relish, honey and toast (yum, ummmmm)

braddstudios participates in the pint and pie for $10 because he is waaaay cooler than i will ever be.
p.s.  the pie part is Traditional Shepherd's Pie
fresh vegetables, ground lamb and beef, covered with mashed potatoes and sharp cheddar cheese with garlic
last night he added a little steak sauce to his pie at my encouraging.  mainly because i like to play with food and i thought it sounded awesome.  i was right.
i like to get the mixed green salad with quinoa.  i still have a hard time pronouncing that, but am convinced it is addicting, and it has green grapes in the salad.  bonus.

i said all that to say, if you are a resident of nashville, east, south, north, should go to the family wash.  the food is yummy and you will not be disappointed.

and if you invite me, the company will be excellent.

and this is just a few of the randomness that awaits you there.  i think the wash might have a hoarding problem, but hey, who am i to judge.

oh, oh oh...and...
you will never believe what happened to me this past christmas.  after finding out that my cousins wife is my favorite relative AND that she happens to be related to dolly...

she went and gave me free passes to dollywood.  just handed them to me all cool like.  can you even believe that?  i have always wanted to go to dollywood and now it is in my near future, seeing that i have to use the tickets by the end of the year.  AND she gave my two, sooooo that means that i get to drag someone with me.  l.u.c.k.y. them.

go to the wash.  the family wash.  you will not be sorry.

i promise.

cross my heart.
hope to die.
stick a needle in my eye.

okay, i am done.



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