what time is it?

i haven't worn a watch in a week and it is stressing me out.  i have not had time to go purchase a new one or get a new battery.  i wore it for a week even though it was not working, then slowly figured out that that was super lame and decided to go watchless.

which in turn makes me feel naked.

and i am not too fond of that feeling.

seeing that i have not been watchless since 1994.

being watchless makes me realize how much i have to have my cell phone to know the time.  it also makes me realize how many times in a day that i need to know the time.

it is also inconvenient because i DO NOT like to be dependent on a cell phone so i DO NOT keep it on my hip at all times because that just makes me nuts.  so, in turn, i am getting much more exercise than on a normal day when i was a working watch wearing jessica because now every time i need to know the time i have to go and locate a clock.

and is the clock right?  because the oven clock does not keep good time, so sometimes it is right and then sometimes it is way off...so when i consult the oven for the lovely time, that just means i have to head to the microwave for confirmation.  and since the microwave kinda has a mind of its own...that in turn, leads me to locate my cell phone which always has the correct time.



if it's charged.  which is seldom.

and if it's not charged, locating it can be a humdinger.  since i keep that thing on silent, sometimes locating it and the time can be a days work.

i say all this to say, clearly you see that my brain stopped working the same day as my watch.

the end.

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