my name is jessica and i watch LOST.

as if.

as if i didn't already have enough going through my head all day, now i have added LOST to my inner thoughts and worries.

yes, LOST, the television show.

i was fine.  for the six years it was on...never saw an episode.  never.  and i was okay.  the words hatch, locke, others, island didn't ring a bell with me.  sure, i had seen the previews forever ago and knew that it was the IT show to watch and that everybody was doing it.  but i resisted.  which is weird, because if it's popular and on tv, i am usually on board.

i would like to take this opportunity to take up for myself.  i was raised without a television.  my parents got rid of the tv when i was five, right in the midst of my love for all things big bird, they up and more.  and i was fine, and became an avid reader and when i was at home spent a lot of quality time with my parents, talking to them and being with them.  then i turned eighteen and moved out.  my first big purchase was a television, the biggest one i could afford.  and i have been catching up ever sense.  i even have DVR out!

please feel sorry for me.

i resisted LOST.  i didn't really resist even.  i was busy.  busy seeing how the offspring of john and kate were turning out, busy watching taye diggs on tuesday be the best doctor ever (my friend alison would refer to him as sweet chocolate.  i would agree) and most importantly keeping up the the real housewives of new york.  i had no more time in my reputare to even thing about adding more stress to my daily life.

then i met you know who.  you know.  (and might i just add here, that i asked him to watch ONE...ONE episode of 'bethenny getting married' with me and it might as well have ben tylenol pm.  someone is the sucker in this relationship. i'll let you guess who.)

and he forced me to watch the entire twin peaks series if i was to remain in his company.  so i did.  lucy and i are friends now.  but my heart is with nadine, i love that patch wearing girl.  (you have no idea what i am talking about and it is okay...)

that was then.  (last year)

this is now.

he went on vacation with his family.  and his little brother forced him to watch LOST.  he resisted at first, but by months end, he had wrapped the whole series.  all six of them.  needless to say, i didn't see him or talk to him much that month.  because i still.  resisted.  no time for LOST.  no time, i tell ya.


ahhhhhhhh, season two is about to kill me.  we are on episode twenty or so...locke has hair in his flash backs and he just smashed his leg in the hatch when the walls came tumbling down.  good thing he had let henry out...(henry, is that yo' name?) because what would have happened when the alarm started sounding and no one was there to push 
4  8  15  16  23    42
yeah, that would have been stressful, glad i didn't have to see that.  shew.  and just where is jack when you need him?  

good thing the real housewives of new york are on a hiatus, and kate and john...well... 

what can i say, i feel no guilt.  i had the time, i had nothing but time.  and i was brainwashed into thinking it was what i neeeeeeeded to do.  really, i was...or is that just the show making me think that...

what's my name?  where am i?  who am i?


Anonymous said...

I actually tried to get my husband sucked in to "Twin Peaks." It didn't work. For some reason, my several seasons of "Dallas" on DVD did, though.

Love "Bethenny Getting Married." Guilty pleasure.

Love your blog.

jessica said...

bethenny getting married IS awesome, huh? i was reading your lovely your enertainment center table from pottery barn? i think i have been drooling over that for a year! love it.

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