going to the chapel: chapter 14

i went.  to the chapel.  on sunday.  i told brad that he didn't need to come and he could stay home and play UNLESS it snowed and then i wanted him to come so we could snap a few shots of us in the snow.  he lucked out.

looks like i was a day late and a dollar short.  what does that even mean anyway?

i met my mom, aunt and caterer in kentucky at the reception venue and then we went to the church to show them THE LOCATION.  dum, dum dummmm.  we came to the conclusion that it is still tiny and we are going to have to snuggle together to make it perfect.  so snuggle together we shall.  because i love it.  i even stood on the steps where brad and i first locked eyes on each other and i tamed his wild mane.

also, the church was built in 1848.  now that is some history.  the cows were not happy to see us drive through their pasture to get to the church, but they just stood and watched and we avoided a charging bull...

after it was all said and done and we went our separate ways, mom called me and told me how much she loved it and that it was just what she thought it would be...

she also said, "i need to get back out there sometime, because i need to pick up all those sticks!"

so come rehearsal day, i know what SHE is going to be doing.  because, here's the thing...that lady is obsessed with sticks and picking them up.  growing up, she would always be outside picking up sticks...and would always make me help.  and personally, i can think of some better ways to spend my time.  i've never told her that...i always just said, "yes ma'am."  because let's think about it, an excess of sticks and my mom...she might have just used one and that would not have been fun.  so i picked up sticks.

in other news...

we have a chocolate fountain in the works for the wedding.  suddenly you got really excited, huh?

yeah, me too.

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