15 things on a thursday.

1.  yesterday i had to be at work at 3:45 am
2.  please feel sorry for me.
3.  yesterday when i got in my vehicle to go to work, it had frost on the windshield.
4.  frost on the windshield at 3:30 am is no good, no fun and kinda creepy scraping at that time in the morning.
5.  i have been watching too much dexter probably.
6.  when i got to work, i could not go back to sleep.
7.  i am a nanny it's okay to sleep on the job (only before 6 am)
8.  the baby woke up at 5:30 screaming, i calmed her and she want back to sleep.
9.  6:00 am with all the energy in the world two bustling five year old balls of energy were very excited to see me and tell me the tooth fairy had come over night.
10.  when you are outside at the 3 am hour, you see beautiful things like this:
and then when you look at it again, at a reasonable hour, you realize it is really not so beautiful.
11.  at a more reasonable hour, (6:00 am), i saw this guy.  and he just sat there and posed for the camera.
12.  sometimes when you are really tired, you see squirrels and think they are really cool.
13.  see below.  (cool squirrel)
14.  told you i was really really tired.
15.  the end.


allyson said...

hey girl! i started a new blog...
you should follow me if ya like cooking and new recipes!! :) hope all the wedding planning is going great!!

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