going to the chapel: chapter 19

here's how bad i have been misbehaving lately.

not only have i not been writing blogs, but have not been reading either.  that is a girl that is too too busy, one more month and i promise i will get back to my regularly planned blogging schedule.

speaking of...one month from today, i get to marry brad.  yay!  and i thought i was busy now!!!  this last month is sure to test every once of patience and creativity, i have or ever thought i had.  ouch.

most everything is done though, it is.  {i think}  all the big decisions have been made.

just some little things, like finding the perfect shoes, one more dress fitting, and deciding on my 'do.  i think we have decided to nix the rehearsal because the adults know how to walk down the isle and the kids...well, there are so many, they are going to do whatever they want, rehearsal or not...so why bother?  we will just eat, drink and be merry the night before.  which reminds me, i need to find something cute to wear to the rehearsal dinner and probably some shoes to.  {any excuse for new shoes...} and i need to make that return to old navy and pray that the bridesmaids presents get here on time and brads present gets here on time and make sure that i haven't left anyone of the invite list, because i am sure to do that.  plus i need to remember i have to go to work everyday, and then there is tony in the pm.  {tony horton.  brad and i are p90xing it up for the next 90 days...say a little prayer for me}

see there's not that much going on.  no, not at all.

programs, i need to make that and decide how that is doing to look.
get together the agenda for the day before and day of.
book one more reservation for hawaii.
and the hotel the night we get married.
file my taxes.
get my tags renewed.
get marriage certificate.

i'll stop.  this blog is turning into my to-do list.  and i am totally not organized enough to have two of those things.

in the midst of it all, i am remembering, that no matter what happens come april 2, 2011, it will be a day i remember and celebrate because it will be the day i get to marry my best friend, my love.  a day that i thought would never get here, a day where my dream becomes reality.


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