freaky friday.

i just remembered i had a blog.  oh yeah.  so here i am.  writing.  to you.

strange happenings have been going on around here.  like i don't have enough to do in a day, a private investigator and twenty large boxes appeared this week.

let me go in to detail...since this is a blog and all...

on monday, brad and i noticed bright and early that there was a large, white trailblazer parked right outside of our yard and pointed in our direction.  weird, but not in our yard.

on tuesday, again.  weirder...what is going on...weird, but still what do you do?  we called the cops and asked them to check it out please and thank you.  who knows if they did...

on wednesday, i didn't go to work until 1:45 pm and the car was there at 7 am and was still there when i left for work...  what IS going on?

fast forward to thursday afternoon, the car is still there and i look out the back door and there are twenty large boxes, addressed to our address from our address.  problem.  not to us.  i mean, i was about to get really excited that someone had just furnished our house with new wedding presents until i noticed writes address wrong person.

twenty tracking numbers later, brad called UPS and they said friday they would come and get them.

seeing that i had to work thursday night, we were a little weirded out by the SUV that had been appearing every morning AND the boxes that had showed up...


brad came over at six that night to play with the kiddos and then at eight i got off and then we both returned home.  to find no SUV and no boxes.

and darn it!  i forgot to turn the back porch light on.

no boxes, no SUV watching...and no light much for a quick entry to the house.

so friday morning bright and early, bad calls UPS to tell them that there is no need to come, because the boxes were gone.  UPS said it was them, they had come to get them a day early.

so things are starting to get less freaky friday.

then when he got off from work, he walked over to the neighbors (notice jessica is a chicken?) and inquired about the large white SUV, she said that we had some nosy neighbors two houses down and they had found out that it was a private investigator...

there went my cover.  just trying to make sure brad had no secrets before "i do."

kidding.  really i am, brad.  promise.

i am assuming that someone is up to no good houses away and someone has their eye on them...hummm...

still i say, if I WERE a private investigator, i would AT LEAST have a large black car, because white is so noticeable.

so that was my last week.  thankfully, he took the weekend off, i will keep you posted as to his work schedule next week...because that neighbor two houses down AIN'T the only nosy neighbor.

thank you very much.
personally, i thought it might perhaps be drug cartel, because...ummm...i like a good story, and wouldn't that make it would so much more...ummm...awesome???  instead, they were just boxes parked at out house for the day.


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