ditch diving.

recently our schedule has changed a little and i can't decide who's more excited about it.  before it was:
put laundry in the wash
nap time
clean clean clean and straighten
wake up and play
nap time
barney and play
you get the point...
 and then she found her voice and her receptive skills right along with it.
when she wakes up for her nap, we go outside.  it's grand.
and when i say, go get your shoes...she says, "shuuuuu."
and walks to her closet and comes back always with one shoe.
 then we go outside and play and swing and slide.  always with our baby.
i mean, i have THE BABY...but i was referring to HER BABY.
if i had a little girl, i would want her to be a lot like her.
even tempered, mild but funny always having to have a baby to love.
 i would also probably put her in a dress too much and she would get her
foot caught in the hem every time she moved.
so it's not a fashion show...or maybe...it is.
 just last week she discovered this ditch, and she thought she would do her best at scaling that thing.
like go down into it and come out on the other side.
 except there was this thing with dirt and grass and debris that kept getting on her hand
driving her nuts. 
and her nanny was there, present, but taking pictures.
telling her she was fine and to wipe it off...
oh nanny.
 into the ditch she goes...
 ditch abandoned.  dirt on the hand.  cutting the discovery short.
nanny, oh nanny...could you helps a sister out?
you gots me in this dress...the least you could do was
WANT to keep me clean.
 okay, fine!  i's do it myself.
 but it's yucky, ms. jethica.
 please.  just.  help.  me.  i gots a baby to carry here.
from now on, i is keeping my hands to myself cause you is no help.

put the camera down wady.

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