hooray for monday!

i just got finished reading jaycee dugards autobiography.  i am overwhelmed and speechless at the courage of this lady.  to live and SURVIVE in the hand life gave her for eighteen years says a lot about the human spirit and, especially about her spirit.  it's a must read.  it will challenge you to be more thankful for the everyday.

speaking of the every day, i had the children over the weekend while their parents enjoyed some time away.  their grandmother took each of the twins for an over night stay for some one on one time and i was left with the other and lil bit for our own special time.  the first little fella, lil bit and i went to swim with our best nine year old girlfriend.
lil bit discovered with much prompting and encouraging that it was, in fact, the greatest thing ever to push people in the water.  so for a good thirty minutes this was the scene over and over and over again.
when we got home, it was bath time and she opened the potty and pulled her skirt up to "potty" just like her brothers do.  oh, potty training is going to a long one...

the next day was the other fellas turn and he wanted to make sure that whatever we did i did not do with his brother.  i suggested swimming, but was met with protest since i did that with his brother.  get an original idea, ms. jessica.
so we did cartwheels in the kitchen for a while.  i didn't do that with his brother.
we went on a walk, with lil bit and he even got to push the stroller.  i didn't do that with his brother.
and of course, we had to bring "blue" on our walk, then blue got thrown out of the stroller 254, 567, 509 times so i decided to carry it and the lullaby that played when you push its belly got stuck and it played the entire walk.  it was awesome.  
sunday, again on the mission to only do what his brother did not he decided he wanted (and i let him create his day) 
1.  books a million
2.  dollar tree
3.  target
and even though target was in the same shopping area, we went in that order complete with a pizza upon leaving target.  he thinks the pizzas at target are the best.  ever.  it's really a thrill when you say "hey, i will take you anywhere for a special lunch, where do you want to go???" and he says target.  really?  
all in all, it was a good weekend.  
after baths last night, we watered the flowers outside...and a little more too.

how was your weekend?

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