instagram friday.

its friday, finally - and i am linking up with life rearranged for instagram friday...and posting my instagram photos for the week...but since i have never done this before i am playing catch up! come have a look.
1.  this one of the first day we ventured out to swim...and her bathing suit was so precious.  i think i titled the instagram "how many ruffles does your bikini have?" haha
2.  i snapped this about five minutes after we were married.  we were in the back of the car on our way to the reception, and i think brad looks so so so happy.  what a good moment and a good day.
3.  last week, i met brad for lunch at mcdougals in franklin, tn and the decor was awesome.  next time, i will bring my real camera.  for sure.
4.  lil bits boyfriend.  he stole her binky.  and she was not having it.  i love the mischievous look on his face like he KNOWS he has stolen her binky and could not be more proud.
5.  five minutes after laying down at the pool, i looked up and this is what i saw.  i thought it was beautiful.  the fingerprints of god.
6.  not long ago, brad and i went to medieval times tournament and dinner show.  i just think this picture captures the fun we have together.  i love that boy.
7.  the boys were at swim team practice, everytime they get in the water and swim like a fish it's nuts to me, because the vastness of the pool and their little bodies.  sweet boys.
8.  one of the little fellas drew this and asked me if i would "sew him a doll just like this"  those legs are going to be hard to duplicate!
9.  i was taking the kiddos to have their picture taken.  i had ironed little bits dress and the boys shirts.  i told them that we were going to wait til we get to the shoot to put their clothes on so they would not get messed up.  then i saw this and it was so sweet, i could not resist.  nakedness.  love.  (i also entered this photo in the pioneer womans photo contest for the week.  i expect i'll win.  after all, those kids are CUTE!)

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Laurie J said...

that stick person is great--those skinny legs, however, will be a hoot to stitch!

Alicia said...

you've got a good shot of winning the pw contest! they are super cute and it's a great pic! she'll definitely at least feature it!

Grace said...

oh my goodness, those topless boys are stinkin' cute!!! love it!

{cuppakim} said...

totally fun pics! :) especially miss ruffles. and the post-wedding pic is sweet. <3

songskatesang said...

Oh, precious! Happy, happy Friday!

jessica said...

haha, laurie! needless to say...i have not made that doll!

alicia, i need to enter one today too!

grace, they are pretty precious! that was such a LUCKY shot! can you believe that is with the phone???

cupcakim, miss ruffles is precious and a stinker and KNOWS it! thank you!

songskatesang, thank you. :-) happy friday to you too!

Jennifer said...

great photos!! :)

jessica said...

hey jennifer, thank you! happy Saturday...sorry I am just now responding. :-/

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