six {6!} new uses for hairspray via real simple.

we interrupt this regularly scheduled blog for a informercial, maybe commercial, really just widely informative information that you can't live one more moment without little to-do about hairspray and some uses for the stuff that every girl reading this blog can't live without.

i happened to buy the new issue of real simple this weekend because the cover drew me in and it had to go into my bag, and i learned SOOO much new information that i could not keep it to myself:

real simple.  yes? but, did YOU know that there are more uses for hairspray than making your hair stay in place than just getting that lipstick out of your shirt?  here are six uses for hairspray that they highlighted {or should we say hairsprayed? am i the only one that thinks that's funny?}

1.  ...lipstick remover...
kiss that smudge of really red good bye.  if the fabric is machine washable, saturate the spot with hairspray, let it sit for ten minutes, then dab with a damp cloth or sponge to remove.  launder as usual to wash out any residual stain and spray.

2.  ...stocking saver...
the polymers that hold up an updo can also reinforce the toes of your hose.  spray after each wash to help prevent nylons from running.

3.  ...artwork protector...
hanging kids art in high traffic areas, like the refrigerator door? a light coating of hairspray will keep chalk or dried, flaky paint from brushing off.

4.  ...petal preserver...
spray fragile, dried flowers to help them stay put n their stems. (here's hoping your wedding bouquet sees it's silver anniversary.)

5.  ...gum unsticker...
free chewed juicy fruit from the carpet without wasting a wad of time.  douse the gum with hairspray to harden it quickly, then scrape it off with a knife.

6.  ...shoeshine fix...
a light spritz of hairspray gives newly polished loafers a long lasting patina.  test on a small area before spraying the whole shoe.

and one more thing while we are on the subject - i have tried EVERY spray known to man, trust me, i have.  this weekend i bought this for lack of time and i have a walgreens obsession:
tresemme climate control finishing spray.
rocked my socks off - and more importantly kept every hair in place.

do you have any hairspray tips to add?  what's your favorite spray?  you should really grab this months real simple, it's chalked FULL of eye candy and useful information!

the end.  i gotta go spray my hair.


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Hmm... There's a few here I've heard but most are new! Thanks for this! :)

Mindy Harris said...

this is a cute post...never would've guessed all those uses for hairspray. i actually don't use the hubs has this paste pomadey stuff that i will run through my hair on occasion. thanks for following my blog!!

jessica dukes said...

thanks for the comments girls, i know i would not have guessed too, i really like the one to spray it on childrens art..that one got me! ;-)

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