this picture is screaming for a caption. ready, go.

girlfriend loves her new "bawwet" shoes.  hasn't taken them off since we got them.  her recital is may 19th.  like next year.  read this nanny might be crazy since she is already excited.

dress:  lucky kids
sweater: h & m
legwarmers: target
diaper:  needs to be changed.
caption this picture and i'll give you a hundred dollars.

not really.  that was a joke.  but if you caption it and i like it i will tell everyone about how awesome you are.  and that's a promise.

ballet shoes or no ballet shoes.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh she's darling! Where did you get her dress? I am no good at captions, sorry!


jessica dukes said...

the dress is from lucky a few years ago. :-)

Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

diaper: needs to be changed


Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

Oh, and as for the caption, I am with Steph, a dud.

Anonymous said...

Those stockings are beyond adorable! luv'em!

ingrid said...

How about - 'I am sure I left my tutu around here somewhere?'
That's all I can come up with before my morning coffee kicks in.

I love the excitement of ballet. My eldest daughter wore her tutu and ballet shoes everywhere for weeks when she first started. The soles of the ballet shoes wore out from running on footpaths so I ended up having to buy another pair when she had only been doing ballet for about a month. That was an expensive lesson learned.

jessica dukes said...

hahaha, i love it!

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