birchbox: january

i know i'm a little late to the birchbox party, but who's counting.  this was my first month getting one of those things and considering i am a product junkie, i am hooked already.
good job birchbox, sorry brad.

so if you don't already know, which i am sure ya do, let me tell you about this little box of love.  and let's just pretend that you know noting of the sort, so all this is new information.  that way you will be really really amazed not only with this post and birchbox, but also with me.  i'm kidding!

birchbox is a company that you can order cosmetic goods and the like from, but also provides a service that for ten bucks a month...TEN BUCK get a selection of the monthly samples.  and since everyone was doing it.
i decided to go there too.
and delivered it did.
figuratively and literally.
i'll let the pictures do the talking...

i mean, come on.  and the box itself was pretty cute too!
and p.s.  some of these pictures are kinda blurry, i had the settings all off on my camera and twas not paying attention.  boo his.

i am a fan.  that is for sure.

and "what the heck is that color on your nails, it is awesome???"  i know, it is awesome, huh?  it is solemates by essie.  i liked it so much i had to order some.

sometimes it's real fun being a girl.


Katie said...

I've read a lot about bloggers who are part of this! Looks like a good deal - I love the nail polish!

Daydream Believer said...

I want birch box now!!

jessica dukes said...

its sooo fun and its ten bucks! what a treat!

Anonymous said...

Fun!!! I've never heard of this before!! I love samples....this looks like a lot of fun!

jessica dukes said...

Check out the website melissa. It's so cool! I'm a fan!

Amanda said...

I love gray nail polish. I think I'm going to paint my nails gray tonight as a matter of fact!

melanie said...

the box is almost cute enough to make me order my own birchbox!

jessica dukes said...

Amanda. Do it!

Melanie! I know. I was as impressed with the actual box as I was the contents. I love me a good product! I instantly thought "this is such a nice box that it would be so cute to save and use for presents!" and you know I saved it. It's a quality box. ha, I have issues!

Anonymous said...

...I just found out that Birchbox doesn't deliver to I found Glymm...and signed up! This rocks! How exciting!! Samples are so FUN!

jessica dukes said...

ooooh yay! let me know what you get!!! i LOOOOVE samples too!

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