i went to work naked.

i'm not much of a dreamer.  like night dreamer.  i am a dreamer in life, but when i sleep, not sa' much.

so it came as a surprise to me, when i woke up in the middle of this...
the other day, i walked into work and it was still really dark in the house.  so i said to my boss in a very smart alec voice, "why is it so dark?"  she quickly replied sweetly, "well, its 7 am and you weren't suppose to be here until 8." 
so i started straightening the kitchen and doing my normal straightening that i do when i first walk in.  the children were still in the bed.  then, all of the sudden i hear brian (the dad) walking down the hallway, and when i caught sight of him, i noticed he didn't have a shirt on...which seeing his naked chest i looked down at myself and noticed i too, had forgotten to dress from the waste up, and had a naked chest.  
like no bra, nothing.  
quickly, but not embarrassed at all i said, "well, looks like i forgot my shirt today too!" and did what anyone else would do and went to the boys room and grabbed this sweater (size 5): and put it on and wore it the rest of the day.

guess what i had just folded before i had left the previous day?  
needless to say, i have checked myself before i walked out the door every day this week, extra carefully.


Amanda I said...

Well... at least you had a sweater to cover yourself. I think I'd use this an excuse to get my hubby to fold laundry for awhile ;-)

jessica dukes said...

haha, great idea!!

EmCain said...

hahahaha.. i love it.

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