speed blog.

little bit and i were headed to ballet.  she was in the back in her carseat not really paying attention to me, and i was in my own little world in the front, humming and kinda singing some of my favorite lyrics from the weepies (if you haven't ever listen to them, you must).

the words were "you make me feel like somebody loved..." and i was singing "you make me..." and then i would trail off and start humming and then kinda did it again.  and as i sang "you make me..."

i hear in the back seat, "happppy."

then, "you make me happpy..."

you can't even have a case of the mondays {or tuesdays!} with that sweetness.

she just picked out these faux raybans at target.
girl has impeccable taste.
and it just cool.

i think she takes after me.


Katie said...

that is so cute! i love her curly hair - my niece has hair just like that!

Renee said...

She is soooo stinking cute!

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