it's all fun and games til someone pee-pees on the slide.

note to bloggers:  do not try to potty train your two year old (or the one you nanny for) on a day when you awake at 4 am.  because by 4 pm, you are really tired, you are also really tired of cleaning up "accidents."  but you press on because that's what potty training entails...even if it starts at 4 am the next day.  you've been warned.

said two year old.  she "doesn't wike diapers" anymore.

even though it's a ton more work for me when their parents go out of town, and no quiet nights - i like it.  i like the routine of it all.  and the accomplishment at the end of the day when all three of them are happily tucked in bed, the dishwasher is started and the kitchen is clean.  when you can catch your breath and just be.  i like that.  and i always feel like a job well done.

and then when she calls my name at oh dark thirty, and i finally head to the "caaaaaaaaa-caaaaaaaaaaaa!  ew hear me?  caaaaaaaaaaa-caaaaaaaaaaa, i callin' you!" urgent voice coming from her room, when i flick the light on dim, i see her sweet curls and even sweeter face, i know it's starting all over again and know, no matter what happens it's going to be a good day.

since i happened to be there for my extended stay over leap day, it was an excuse to have a party.  and i love any reason to celebrate, so par-tay we had complete with "29" pizza and flower pot cupcakes (which has nothing to do with leap day, they were in the easter section at target and called my incorporate we did.)

this potty training sister decided to divide her cupcake into little pieces and then throw each and every piece on the floor, after a short stay in time-out, she was greatly offended when she was not offered another cupcake.  GREATLY OFFENDED.  (see above)

the dog ran off with her baby one too many times.  some dawgs gotta learn the hard way...
we played tons of games and swung our little hearts out...
well, i took pictures.
brad pushed.
she swung.
so...she swung, swang...her little heart out.  and giggled until she lost her breath...

and then this happened...

and you know what they say...
it's all fun and games, til someone pee-pees on the slide..."


i showed the boys this magazine and said "look guys, i forgot to tell you i was on the cover of this magazine this month!"
"ugh, ms. jessica? your skin is not brown."
"oh yeah..."
"and she is much skinnier than you!" (watch it kid.)
i asked for that...
"and you would NEVER wear a bathing suit like that..."
"oh, no...never!"

so i showed them this months in style with jennifer anniston on the cover.
"oh boys!  nevermind, this was my cover!  there i am!!!"
"ms. jessica.  you are so silly.  you are MUCH prettier than SHE is."

and that's how then and there that curly headed fella became my favorite person.

enjoy your wednesday and take time to smell the flowers,
or at least admire the dogwoods...



Lisa said...

I knew it was going to be a good post when I read the title! And the magazine convo had be cracking up!!

jessica dukes said...

Ha, it was awesome. She was stuck... Brad freaked out and I couldn't stop laughing and taking pictures. Hahaha

Crystal said...

Awww aren't those little boys such sweeties! Awesome pics!

Anonymous said...

Haha!!! What a great title! ;) And sweet little ones to make for a brighter day!

jessica dukes said...

they are pretty sweet, kassi. thanks for the comment. :-)

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