analogies and taking flight.

this weekend, the birds took flight and our nest is empty.  boo.  maybe they flew away a little early because they were tired of two huge people peeking in on them multiple times a day, maybe it was time to fly.  i want to think it was the latter.  and it just so happened, and maybe i was stalking them just a little, that i saw one of the little guys hop out of the nest and then fly away.  and as i watched him take flight for the very first time, up above our cars, i couldn't help but think of every analogy that you can imagine pertinent to "taking flight..."  ill spare you the first ten and just go with one...

how scary for that little guy.  to be fed and monitored constantly by his mama and then know that his day was coming that he would have to fly away in the big bad world of trees and animals and have to take care of himself.  when i turned eighteen, i could not wait to leave home.  my parents were great, but just knowing that on that eighteenth birthday that i could... made it that much more appealing.  and when i did, after the fun wore off (after three days!), i wanted more than anything to come right back home and park it in my bedroom and come to dinner when mom called and still be seventeen going on eighteen, not a grown up eighteen year old.

isn't that life though?

new experiences and what mold and shape us.

being a new wife has molded me and made me better.  i have grown.

those new mamas out there, i can imagine how it molded you and made you better, made you know love even more.

and just life, when you finally have your wings and you are ready for flight...sometimes it's hard to let go of that branch and take flight - but once you do, the end result is beauty.

enjoy the journey.

all that from three little birds in a nest by our back door...  

one more thing...happy may.
i've always been a big fan of this month.  i mean, may...its just a pretty word and makes you think of summer skies and flowers.  i'm a fan of you , may.  glad you are here.

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