something i want to remember.

sometimes when i can't fall asleep, ill reach over to brad and say, "tell me a story." and no matter where he is on his way to REM sleep, he says, "hmmm, okay" and starts thinking of what he can come up with, patient, kind...he always lays there until the perfect story is peaked in his mind and then he snickers and starts in on a great memory.  and as we talk and i ask questions about that teacher, that friend, he is reminded of a great memory and i am learning more about my husband.

it's one of my favorite things to do.

the other night i said, "tell me a story?  one when you were eight."  and he said..."hmmm, eight.  i was in second teacher was..." man, i love that man.
this was a walking maze in new mexico
i was walking right behind him well on my way to completion, then i misstepped and failed to finish the maze.  boo me.  but since i am cool and people were watching, i just paparazzi'ed my way outta that thing and pretended like i saw something awesome behind the lens that was just making me step out of the maze.  that's how i roll.

nine times out of ten, he will finish his story.  i have a smile on my face and a happy heart and then he will say, "good night, i love you."  and it was...another good good night.


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

I ask my hubs to tell me stories too! Maybe I need to be more specific because he usually says... I don't know any stories. haha.

jessica dukes said...

haha, i love stories!

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