i don't know whats in the bird baths around here, but this is the third nest of robins i have found in the past two weeks.  and no, i'm not walking around looking for bird nests.  i haven't lost my mind, promise...  they just chirp and then i go all crazy like digging in the tree until i find the source of the chirp.  so maybe i am a little crazy.  then i grab all three kids and force them into the tree and command them to be just as excited as i am.  and since there are three kids OVER THE MOON about baby birds, well...the nanny's a joiner, what can i say?

our little guys are growing and next week, i bet they will be big enough to fly away.

(that means happy friday in bird talk...promise!)


Amy said...

I feel like i haven't commented on your blog in FOR-EVVVVV-ER. So here's a comment. Love the birdies. :o)

jessica dukes said...

hiii! they are pretty cute. :-)

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