happiness. it's catchy.

it seems like everywhere i turn lately there is stress and sadness, and it affects me and i can feel the weight on my shoulders.  days and weeks like this are when i am especially thankful that for a living i hang out with this little one.
two years old, she knows nothing about stress or sadness that bellows all around her.  what she knows is what she is told.  and it's happy things, and things that make her smile and giggle and in return i smile.  i giggle.

yesterday we were driving and she was talking a hundred miles a minute like usual and she said, "hey caca, ew see those cars?"  and i look over and there is nothing there and she giggles with glee and says, "i kidding!"

happiness, and when you hang out with people that are happy, it affects you.  you can't help but be happy.

she was asking about my foot and wrist yesterday.  i was the lucky recipient of second degree burns on my foot and wrist two nights ago.  yes, call me lucky.  i was telling her in great detail that really hot water was spilt on me and it burned me so so bad.  listening fervently she said without missing a beat, "you just like cold water?"

happiness.  i like it.  it's catchy.

he would like for you to know he did this.

pumped himself so high, he was above the swing and then he jumped.

because he is six and because (he thinks) he is awesome.

how'd i do making those iphone pictures look real?


Crystal said...

Oh my gosh, sorry to hear you burned yourself! Kids are funny arent they, so honest. The pictures look great, like real ones ;) Take care of those burns!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Hoping your burns are better! Funny how just a sweet little one can completely brighten your day! The pics totally look real by the way!

jessica dukes said...

thaaaanks girls! and thanks for the burn sweetness. how in the world...i cant believe i have such bad burns from making sweet tea! :-) happy thursday.

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

I love how sweet little ones can be, even while we are in upset moods. Always makes me smile. :)

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