dear moms:

i am a pretty patient person, really takes a lot to ruffle my feathers, but something i have always noticed and lately it seems to be even worse, is the constant line of communication we feel we need to have at all times.  
especially moms.  
(nannies, i'm a talking to you too.  really talking to you!  we are getting paid here...)
it really concerns and bothers me, frustrated me even when i am at the park with little bit and there is another mom there or nanny (you never can tell) who is chatting it up on the phone completely ignoring that little sammy has just thrown sand in five other kids faces.  missed the little incident because they were too busy catching up on kim and kanye.  
{i'm not even kidding either, i wish i was.}

i know we all need a break from time to time, yes.  i know.  but let's all step back and play with our kids our just watch them and enjoy them.  let them know that you are not to busy to talk to them and watch them develop.  you don't have to take that call, you don't have to check your email.  
be present.  

i just really think it is a shame when there are good moms that could be great if they 
would just be present.   
am i making sense at all?

back in the day, no one had cell phones.  we just lived life.  enjoyed life.  
remember those days?
we all have reasons to have a phone, myself included, but have you ever unplugged for the day, for half a day, for a park visit?  thrown the phone in the diaper bag, put it on silence and vowed not to check it until the park day was over?  it is an epidemic that i see all too often in nashville, moms who are too busy talking to even watch their children.  sometimes when i am out with lil bit, i find myself watching three or four other kids because their moms are too busy talking 
about jessica simpson's (and congrats jessica on the sure she's presh!) latest on the phone.
i am guilty of always trying to take a perfect picture with my phone and always having it ready "just in case."  but sometimes i think we could all step back, unplug, and just be in the moment with the ones that god has blessed us with.  because this life is fleeting and that curly headed baby that you are pushing on the swing is going to be grown before you know it.  
nothing gets to be more when i am trying to take a picture and lil bit says, "put your phone away caca!" makes me so sad that she even has to say that.  

i'm not judging, i am not being mean.  
 let's just think about the quality time that we are spending with our toddler or little one?  

(and nannies, dads...i'm talking to you too...)

let's be present.  step away from the computers.  the phones.  and just be.  
let them know you really do have the time for them.
they are watching.
they will notice.

and so will you.


MaryBeth said...

Preach on Jessica!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Amen sista! ;)

Anna said...

yes! i totally agree - I try SO hard to "be" with my kids when I'm with them. FB? it doesn't matter so much in the scope of my children. seriously.

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