i have always wanted a recital.

i've ordered my tu-tu and my jazz hands are almost perfected.  that lululemon gift card that i have been saving is about to be put to use to buy my jazz pants.  

i am a BIG believer and say all the time by the time you are thirty you have to stop blaming your parents.  grow up and take ownership for your actions.  on that note, or maybe it's completely unrelated...
i have also always said (full of jessicaisms today, folks.) that i would never had had weight issues if my parents would have enrolled me in dance from a young age.  i know, this is not true.  but it makes me feel better to say it, i also kinda do believe it.  a little.

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i love recitals, i love dance shows, i love dance.  love love love it.  i love watching the movements and think way down deep there might be a dancer in me.  thirty six years old and i am still blaming my parents for not putting me in dance therefor i never even had the chance to touch my pointy toes in julliard.  never.

but don't cry for me argentina.


this girl just tried zumba for the first time. 
about half way through i wrote this blog in my head in between the hip shakes and the cha cha cha - it was a full on story, like probably a 500 page book that i have condensed to this.  you are welcome.  

about three fourths of the way through, i noticed that i was the only one waving my hands in the air all carefree like with the movements.  so i stopped before i embarrassed myself.  i also noticed i was the only one without water.  it was then the instructor said "now we are gonna put all our moves together and perform the last fifteen minutes with them all together."  and way down deep, but really not that deep---i kinda wanted her to say "and we were gonna go perform it for the people walking on the treadmills out in the gym" like A FREAKING RECITAL.

i was soooo excited.  then i realized she never said that last part.
so i just danced and waved my arms and pretended it was a recital.
only next time i wouldn't wear my target black stretch pants and my michael phelps too big workout shirt.
oh no, next time, i will have on my lululemon pants (bought with my gift card i had been saving for the perfect time) a neon sports bra (been eying one at target) and a fun shirt.  
and i will take the stage with all those other women of every size and have my recital.
this is happening again.
i have wanted to dance for all my live long day.
i have always wanted a recital.

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and now i am gonna zumba til my hearts content. 
buuuut i will have to lay to rest "if my parents would have just put me in dance..."
because i can have a recital every day now.
life's a dance you learn as ya go...


Crystal said...

Zumba is great! Glad that you enjoyed it so much and are excited to return!

cate @ wild ruffle said...

I love Zumba! I danced for years, and Zumba makes me feel like I never gave it up. Glad you found a way to have your recital.:)

jessica dukes said...

it was so crazy fun! I'm glad I tried it too! can't wait for my next class!

jessica dukes said...

it's so fun! I am addicted. are there certain moves that are "Zumba" moves or just classic dance moves?

kendrastamy@yahoo.com said...

Love love love Zumba!!!!
My background is such that dance was actually frowned upon. However I have always loved dance. I would hear music and in my head there was a dancer moving with the music. So glad you found your dance!

jessica dukes said...

do you do Zumba now or no? if you can't take real Zumba because of your background I guess you can make up your own dances in your living room and if not in body at least in your head. :-)

watch out, we are gonna take broadway by storm! :-)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

That. Is. Awesome. I love when dreams come true! Even if only kinda... :)

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