emily maynard: sweet is disposable.

-here are my notes from this weeks bachelorette.  they are really sound and smart.  and you won't want to miss a single word.  this is for sure.  i am also very sarcastic.  this is for sure as well.  

chris harrison looks all clean and dapper in his newly pressed purple plaid shirt with his sleeves rolled up.  i thought his collar was popped for a minute - then i realized i just was mistaken.  darn.

i think a 'dro had a headband on early on.  does he have an etsy shop?

arie - is funny.  and that date card he read was funny.

doug - one on one
-would you kiss your mother with that mouth, dougie?  or your son?
-total sweet mom move to write a postcard to dougs son.  i totally think that was emilys ideas and not the producers.  it was your idea, right emily?
-doug has big muscles or maybe his shirt is just to little?
-does emilys hair EVER get messed up, ever?  who's her stylist, i'm calling her tomorrow.
-emily wears her pajamas all day AND in public.  whatevs.
-she doesn't workout.  i hate her.
-doug never makes the first move?  there's a fault for ya, em.

group date:
-does chris remind you a little of guard and protect your heart kasey?  i think he does.
-ryans hair reminds me of a newborn babies.
-sean is just happy.  i like that guy.
-i like to hear travis talk.
-ryan just toasted his trophy wife?  really?
-arie is in it to win it in a good way.
-jef's kinda awesome.  i wanna drink his water.  (you know he owns a bottled water company)
he seems real, like really real.  like not reality show real.  like im just normal and real real.  got all that?
-did every guy get to snuggle with he white blankie?  presh.

let's talk about ryan again:
-you might be a redneck not very mature if you have to remind someone that you are mature.
-ryan is jesus, who knew?
-ryan thinks giving jef the rose is safe.  ugh, i think it's because she likes him MORE THAN YOU, dude.
-ryan is full of crap i do believe.
-ryan thinks he is going to be the next bachelor.  oy.

wolf and nate - two on one, never good.
-she called nate sweet.  brad (my husband), one of the first things i remember his saying is "sweet is disposable."
-ohhh snap.  five seconds later, he is gone.  brad was right.  i married a sweet smart man.

brad is singing in his best soprano i can love you like that...
seans happiness is contagious.  love it.
doug!!!  don't hang out with ryan!
chris is being a girl.  and imploding.  bless him.
someone called chris harrison christopher when he walked in the rose ceremony.  ha
charlie went home.  boo.

next week:
kisses with cameras
ryan kisses emily.  gag.
jef is cute.
someone calls ricki baggage and he becomes baggage 
a flight HOME.  


Bridget said...

baggage on a flight home. ha!

yeah, ryan's gotta go.

thanks for telling me to click over -- i love me some bach commentary, duh!

jessica dukes said...

agree with you completely!

Anonymous said...

This makes me laugh. I have no idea how I'm going to do a post about last night's episode. It was SO boring. =/


jessica dukes said...

i knooooooow. it totally was. i just took notes then posted. not much there! :-)

Ashley said...

I can't believe she kept Ryan even after what she said about him before the rose ceremony. He is a piece of work. ick!

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