on ann curry.

i don't know the insides at NBC.  shocker, i know.  i am a nanny.  but i do know that reading all the news and rumors, true or not surrounding the letting go of ann curry as anchor of the today show has made me a little sad for her this week.

i also know this.

the first time i went to new york, i was so excited to go.  my best friend and i got our tickets late summer of 2001 to head to the big apple in december.  we all know what happened that september when tragity struck out country and especially that city.  didn't detour this girl with stars in her eyes.  i was even more ready to go, flying made me a little nervous but i wanted to see the sites.  see the sadness surrounding the city and be an eye witness to all the city held true.

up bright and early the second say we were there, we set our alarms for four am and jumped out of bed and happily walked the ten plus blocks to studio A so we could plant ourselves in the first row just to perhaps catch a glimpse of the anchors that we al have made our household friends.  that particular day in december, the air was crisp, but not to cold.  the coffee shop across the street offered accoutrements to keep our hands warm with freshly brewed coffee and then we stood and waited.  we watched the lighting crews, producers and directors come and make their way outside, set up the african boy choir that was performing...they talked to a few of us standing around and we were all excited.  we had thought long and hard to make a great sign to get noticed but after failing to come up with something great and not wanting another thing to keep up with, it was just us and the coffee.

then, out walked...matt, ann and al.  we were so excited, our TV was coming to life right before our eyes.  and let me tell you, i had my full on geek on, i was excited.  i was taking pictures like my camera was about to die and to keep it working the flash had to be used every second...then the unthinkable happened...

ann curry walked up to little ole geeked out me.  she saw me, walked directly to me before talking to anyone else, and before i could blink, or take a picture, she had my hand in the grasp of both of her hands, she was looking me in the eye and saying, "i am so glad you are here."  and i mumbled, "thank you"  i think.  and then she said again, "really, thank you for coming."  it was almost like she was looking for me.  and glad that i had made it.  totally made my first new york experience one that i will remember for ever.

and yes, i am sure that she has done that same thing, said those same words to many a thousand of people since that day, i bet if they wrote a blog they would say the same thing about her.  for two seconds, i really felt like she was my friend.

and no, i didn't have under goals in life meet ann curry, but i sure enough added that to my list as soon as i got home and then marked it off, success.  and as much as i do not know her, that day i would tell she was kind, as everyone that knows me knows this story because it is the coolest thing ever...

it is up there as one of the best moments of my life.  because she made a girl who had had lofty dreams of the big apple feel like she was important and somebody.

and everyone likes that feeling.

so here's to you ann.  thanks for making this twenty something girl from tennessee feel like she belonged in that big apple long ago.  thank you for a moment i will never ever forget.

p.s.  i might have cried and nearly fell off the treadmill this morning when ann started crying on the anchors couch.  maybe i looked around and the girl next to me was wiping a tear too.  i am that cool.


Danielle said...

I'm so sad for Ann Curry too!! And I'm even more sad after hearing how NICE she is after reading your story. That is beyond cool that she took the time to make you feel special! I am kind of obsessed with celebrities who are super nice, so this makes me love Ann Curry more. I'm sure she will land on her feet! :)

jessica dukes said...

I think she will too. she's still with NBC but I totally tink they did her dirty. totally. makes me sad.

Jane Goodman said...

It is not Ann's fault that I am not watching the show anymore. I don't like they added Rosie. I like Ann better than any of them. Hope she succeeds more than the rest. Maybe she needs to go to ABC.

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